At Mister Tint Kingwood, our mission is to provide quality products and service that improves the appearance and comfort of your vehicle. We offer a wide range of choices to fit any style or budget. Window Tinting is an essential feature for your vehicle as it helps to reject the heat from the UV rays of the sun, which will keep your vehicle cooler as well as protecting the upholstery during the hot summer months.

Our HP (high performance) charcoal film provides the richest black and true gray that you can find in a automotive tint. The charcoal tint provides 99% UV protection and blocks up to 66% of the sun’s heat. The HP charcoal film is available in a full range of options including 5% (limo tint‑dark tonality), 10% (slightly lighter tonality), 20% (medium tint‑medium tonality), and 28% (legal tint‑light tonality) which meets the regulations for Texas laws.

The Quick Dry Plus (QDP) ceramic film offers extremely quick dry times for faster installations to assure immediate customer satisfaction. The QDP film is the perfect solution for vehicles with embedded antennas, cellular and GPS systems. Quick Dry Plus is a slightly thicker film and is available in a full range of options including 4%, 18% and 33% percent visible light transmissions.

Mister Tint Kingwood is committed to providing distinctive window films that perform highly (both aesthetically and functionally). Our high quality products come with a nationwide lifetime warranty.

You can depend on Mister Tint Kingwood to provide the products and experience to transform your automobile glass into high quality tinted glass. Auto window tinting is an important part of safety and comfort while driving.


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